T Cell Costimulation by CD6 is Dependent on Bivalent Binding of a GADS/SLP-76 Complex

Breuning & Brown, 2017. Molecular and Cellular Biology.

BACKGROUND: The cell surface receptor CD6 regulates T cell activation in both activating and inhibitory manners. The adaptor protein SLP-76 is recruited to the phosphorylated CD6 cytoplasmic Y662 residue during T cell activation, providing an activating signal to T cells. In this study, a biochemical approach identified the SH2 domain-containing adaptor protein GADS as the dominant interaction partner for the CD6 cytoplasmic Y629 residue. Functional experiments in human Jurkat and primary T cells showed that both mutations Y629F and Y662F abolished costimulation by CD6. In addition, a restraint on T cell activation by CD6 was revealed in primary T cells expressing CD6 mutated at Y629 and Y662. These data are consistent with a model in which bivalent recruitment of a GADS/SLP-76 complex is required for costimulation by CD6.